Case Study 3

Case Study 03: Creating Global Collaborations for Generic Pharmaceuticals and Novel Formulations Development


Project Objectives

Carry out a global search for a US-based Fortune 500 Pharmaceutical company to identify global resources for collaboration, in order to pursue generic pharmaceuticals and novel formulations development.

Execution of Project

In executing on the project objectives, Enable Life Sciences:

  • Focused on non-traditional geographies for the client, i.e. outside of North America and Western Europe, per client requirements
  • Evaluated and analyzed the pharmaceutical industries of 14 countries located in 4 continents, namely:
    • Asia (China, India, Taiwan, Vietnam and Malaysia)
    • Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic)
    • Latin America (Brazil, Chile)
    • Africa / Mid-East (Israel, South Africa)
  • Put together a customized project team of regional pharmaceutical experts located in these 4 continents [on a sub-contracting basis] for the project
  • Listed more than 150 organizations in the above 14 countries for the client
  • Rank-ordered the short-listed organizations in each region on the basis of objective, quantifiable criteria developed in close collaboration with the client and the sub-contracting regional experts
  • Conducted site-visits at the short-listed organizations in Taiwan and India
  • Orchestrated and led conference-call discussions with short-listed entities (less than 5 for the final choice), and mapped the unique strengths and weaknesses of each short-listed entity
  • Created a final project plan for the client, with project components distributed between organizations and entities [on the basis of the unique strengths of the various organizations and countries]


Concrete Project Outcomes

In a period of less than 6 months, Enable Life Sciences was able to navigate a wide global geography to successfully identify the most relevant validated contract resources for the client. In addition, Enable Life Sciences created a concrete project-plan to distribute project components between organizations and countries based on their unique strengths. Additionally, a project-management plan for project-oversight and project-integration [through Enable Life Sciences resources located in various geographies] was created.