Our Expertise


The Enable Life Sciences service offering is characterized by two keywords: customization and quality.  We bridge global opportunities for our clients. We strive for the success of our clients while saving them time and money. Our areas of expertise include:

Project Management:  Enable Life Sciences offers seamless extension of the R&D and manufacturing capabilities of clients in both developed and emerging economies. In particular, we have the ability to be the “feet on the ground” when the collaboration with a contract partner or an academic institution exists across national boundaries. We help clients with

‣ the choice of a contract partner
‣ establishing legal agreements, and
‣ execution of the project effort

Voice of Customer (VoC) from the
Emerging Markets: We specialize in
upstream marketing or strategic marketing
efforts for all the market segments within
the emerging economies. We work closely
with life sciences clients to conduct one-on-one interviews and organize focus
groups with surgeons, physicians and
healthcare providers. We also interpret VoC
data in order to help clients design the
most relevant life sciences products and
services for the Emerging Markets

Intellectual Property (IP) Strategy for the
Emerging Markets: Enable Life Sciences offers
IP services including ideation, brainstorming
and generating invention disclosures.
This is in addition to IP strategy and
execution support for the traditional
geographies of North America,
Europe and Japan.


Enable Life Sciences offers a unique and flexible project-management team structure composed of independent consultants, based on the unique needs of each project.

Enable Life Sciences offers a wide array of technical capabilities within the life sciences space – by virtue of operating on a flexible project team structure composed of highly qualified and experienced independent consultants.

Project teams are assembled on a customized basis, based on the specific project needs of our clients. Our flexible project-staffing model allows us to engage subject matter experts on a case-by-case basis, per the unique needs of each project.



Rachit Ohri Ph.D., Founder and CEO

Rachit Ohri brings a unique blend of experience, creativity and vision to Enable Life Sciences. He has more than 15 years of experience in building and nurturing multi-disciplinary and cross-functional programs in the life sciences industry. In doing so, he built successful, productive collaborations with contract partners and academic institutions in Asia, Europe and the US.

Dr. Ohri prides himself as a multi-disciplinary innovator. He has co-authored several publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and has co-invented 18 issued US patents. He has been an invited speaker on several occasions. His publications and patent applications cover a broad array of concepts cutting across traditional scientific boundaries, including concepts relevant to medical devices and biopharmaceuticals industries. In his career, Dr. Ohri has led several cross-functional efforts. These include voice of customer (VoC) data generation (with 100+ surgeon interviews), as well as clinical trial design and execution for a first-in-man clinical trial in Europe.

Dr. Ohri’s vision for Enable Life Sciences is to evolve a truly global platform for the life sciences industry. For this purpose, Enable Life Sciences strives to create seamless global collaborations, as well as meaningful clinical impact and unique business opportunities for its clients.

Dr. Ohri received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Washington, Seattle and his B.Tech. in Chemical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology (NIT), Trichy, India. Additionally, Dr. Ohri is a 2011 alumnus of the MIT Sloan School of Management’s flagship programs for Executives, namely the Certificate in Innovation and Strategy and the Greater Boston Executive Program (GBEP). View Rachit Ohri’s LinkedIn Profile.

 Min Sheu_Bio Google Docs

Min Sheu, Consultant (Medical Devices and Pharmaceuticals)

Dr. Min Sheu has led several teams in R&D of various companies in the medical device industry, including AST Products, Boston Scientific Corp., Atrium Medical (acquired by Maquet Getinge Group) and Covidien (merged with Medtronic). His primary expertise is in the development of Class III biomaterial implants, drug-device combination products and medical coatings. He has an extensive skill-set and significant experience in the development of medical devices, including preclinical study design, quality requirements and regulatory strategies. Dr. Sheu has received his Ph.D. in Bioengineering from the University of Washington, Seattle. He has over 20 US patents as well as 16 peered review publications.

Photograph Studio Dr Milind Shenvi

Milind Shenvi, Consultant (Pharmaceuticals)

Dr. Shenvi brings extensive Pharmaceutical R&D and managerial experience as a consultant to Enable Life Sciences LLC. In his career spanning more than 30 years, Dr Shenvi has worked closely with two Nobel Laureates – Professor Herbert C Brown (as a post-doctoral fellow at Purdue University) and with Professor Bergstroem (as a close colleague at Astra Zeneca). While at Astra Zeneca (in Bangalore over a period of more than 15 years), Dr Shenvi eventually headed Medicinal Chemistry, Process R&D and DMPK. He also spent more than 7 years as Sr. Vice President and Head, Discovery Services and Program Management at Sai Life Sciences Ltd. based in Hyderabad and Pune, India. In addition to domain expertise and administrative experience, Dr. Shenvi has extensive experience in coordinating and managing efforts across core project functions aligned with company business and legal interests.

Dr Shenvi obtained his MS in Chemistry (1979) from Karnataka University, Dharwar India and Ph.D. (1984) from National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), Pune India, prior to pursuing post-doctoral research at Purdue University in the US. He has more than 35 publications and patents to his credit. He is a member of American Chemical Society, Indian Chemical Society and on the editorial board of Arkivoc and Acacia Life Sciences. In addition to English, Dr Shenvi is fluent in several Indian languages, including Hindi, Marathi and Kannada. View Milind Shenvi’s LinkedIn Profile.

Picture Michael Frid

Michael Frid Ph.D., Consultant (Pharmaceutical Formulations)

Michael Frid brings 13 years of pharmaceutical industry experience to Enable Life Sciences in his role as the Business Development lead and consultant. He brings his unique experience and perspective to bear, including his background as a lead scientist and his many years of experience collaborating with a broad array of biopharmaceutical companies.

Dr. Frid is an organic chemist and is an expert in drug discovery and early drug development, from hit generation and lead optimization / lead selection (LO/LS) to proof-of-concept (POC) in humans. He has co-authored several publications in peer-reviewed journals, has given presentations to audiences of pharmaceutical professionals, and has written on the subjects of drug formulation development, salt selection, and outsourcing. Dr. Frid has also served as a reviewer for the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS).

Dr. Frid has worked for several years in the contract research organization (CRO) industry, serving clients in the biopharmaceutical space. He was instrumental in the development of the solid-state characterization, solid form selection and CMC business opportunities, and at the same time led innovations such as the rapid discovery solubility screen platform for lead optimization and selection. Dr. Frid brings a unique blend of experience in R&D as well as business development to Enable Life Sciences.

Dr. Frid received his Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) working with Professor S. L. Buchwald and his B.S. in Chemistry Cum Laude from New York University. View Michael Frid’s LinkedIn Profile.

Picture Gargi Sur

Gargi Sur, Project Manager Consultant

Gargi brings a diverse background in cancer, inflammation, cardiovascular and neurological diseases with over 9 years of experience in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry.

Gargi has worked as a Cellular and Molecular biologist responsible for delivering scientific results for preclinical studies by working across multiple disciplines. She has developed three dimensional tumor models, bioassays for evaluating drug coated vascular stents and diagnostics for detection of risk of PML infection in patients with Multiple Sclerosis.  She has also successfully developed a commercially available in-vitro melanoma skin tissue product.

Gargi has experience working within FDA guidelines following GLP methods.

Gargi’s industrial experience is matched by her love of learning. She has received her MS in Biological Chemistry from University of Kentucky, Lexington and MS in Computer Science from New Jersey Institute of Technology.  In addition, Gargi holds a Masters Degree in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur and a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry from Presidency College, Kolkata, India.


Our Mission, Vision and Ethics


Mission Statement
Our mission is to create success, value and effective solutions for our clients, and thus support them in their quest to create global clinical impact.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to be the best and the most seamlessly integrated global facilitator of life sciences innovation.

Our Ethics and Values
Integrity: We operate with the highest level of integrity, honesty and transparency in the process of serving our client needs.
Accountability: We create meaningful value for our clients, and guard their interests with respect to productivity and confidentiality.
Conviction: We are driven by the opportunity to facilitate our clients’ goals and objectives in creating global clinical impact.